Dr. Ralph Burton


Dr. Ralph Burton is a graduate from Parker University in Dallas, Texas.  Dr. Burton is a multifaceted healthcare practitioner in chiropractic, nutrition (which includes food supplementation and herbal therapies), acupuncture and many more.  He is also certified in acupuncture and nutrition. 


Dr. Burton served his country in the military as a medical corpsman in the United States Army  National Guard for 6 years.  Dr. Burton feels that it is a privilege to service the people that have entrusted their health to him.


He aims to improve the quality of lives of each patient of whom he is afforded the privilege's to serve.   Dr. Burton's objective is to be the best healthcare provider I can be and to deliver to my patients the very best healthcare that I can deliver.  There are three aspects of health that affect the lives of all human beings; biomechanical/physical, chemical/nutritional, and emotional/ psychological ( and some associate spiritual). As a Holistic doctor, Dr. Burton recognize that fact and address all three health areas. Optimum health is being in a state homeostasis (balance) in all three spheres. Being a Holistic practitioner he is able to bring these into a more perfect balance.

"The spice of life begins with seeing the doctor that helps people live a healthy lifestyle. The doctor that really cares about how you feel, your good health, and your quality of life."