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What We Do


L-evated's science-based approach incorporates exercise, nutrition and habit coaching to help you build muscle and lose weight.  We understand that life keeps us busy and it's hard to make it to the gym.  Even when you go to the gym you may feel uncomfortable.  We are bringing the comfort of working out to your own home while making sure you hit your goals no matter where you are. 


With minimum resources needed, our team will put together a workout plan catered to your individual goals.  Not all exercise is created equal.  L-evated's full body training plans are designed for maximum efficiency, which means faster progress with less time at the gym. Whether you’re new to training or want to stop spinning your wheels, your coach will design an effective, science-based plan that’s personalized to you and your unique goals.


We want you to focus on the two goals for nutrition and weight status.

1.  Promote health and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases by encouraging individuals to consume healthful diets 

2. To achieve and maintain healthy body weights.


Last but certainly not least, we are going to hold you ACCOUNTABLE.  We are going to make sure you have regular check-ins, encouragement through your plan, and ultimately pushing you to your goal!

​​One thing that sets chiropractors apart from other health care professionals is their holistic view of the body.  Instead of dividing the body into its various systems and functions, the chiropractic profession views the body as a whole with each system being mutually dependent on the other.  To accomplish this, our doctors at L-evated Chiropractic not only address bony misalignments to ensure proper nervous system function, but also provide information on diet, exercise, and healthy living in general.


Have you ever stopped to think what you could be doing to assist your chiropractor with the care they are providing?  After all, you only typically spend an hour or so of one day with your doctor at L-evated Chiropractic.  What are you doing the other 23 hours and on the days your not at the clinic?  This time, if used properly, can greatly assist your care.  In fact, it has been shown through various studies that therapeutic exercise can increase the benefit you receive from your adjustments as much as 25-45%.  These benefits can include; quicker recovery time, less visits to the doctor, and a lower chance of the injury occurring again. 

Don't give yourself an excuse not to HIT YOUR GOALS! 

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