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Chiropractic is the preferred treatment for injuries to the neck or back and all the complications of injuries to muscles, joints, and nerves. Headaches, pain, and numbness into the arms or legs, sprains, and strains, and the most common injuries such as whiplash and low back injuries, are exactly what chiropractors treat every day.

Following an accident, you or a family member does not need to worry about where to go for treatment and how to deal with the insurance company about payment for care. Contact us and let L-evated Chiropractic help you like so many others.  We can get x-rays, order MRIs or other advanced diagnostic studies, and when needed, refer you to a medical doctor. Don’t wait and hope your injuries will just get better. Don’t let someone tell you where to go for evaluation or treatment. It is your right to choose and to be involved in your own care.

Remember that most people will be the victim of injuries sustained in an accident at some time in their life. You need a doctor and office experienced in helping you back to health.  Contact our office at (940)-323-2335 or by email for a free report outlining steps to take if you are injured due to an auto accident to protect your rights. We also have preventative tips to help minimize your injuries by making sure your car is as safe as it can be. Plus, post-injury tips to reduce the severity of injuries.

As a bonus, we would be happy to contact you by phone or email to discuss how and if we can be of service or help you find the right doctor to help you recover from your injuries.  Don’t wait – Any delay in treatment complicates your recovery and may jeopardize your legal case.  Contact us today and have your questions answered.

Do you know that if you are injured in an automobile accident due to the negligence of the other driver, their insurance is obligated to cover the cost for your care and you can choose your provider? Even if you are the driver responsible for the accident and have injuries, your own automobile insurance may cover the cost of treatment.

The important message here is that if you have suffered injuries, you need treatment. You don’t need an attorney to seek care. But if an attorney is needed, we can help recommend an attorney who is an expert in personal injury.

Our office can handle all of the details of establishing coverage to cover your expenses for treatment. We have decades of experience handling the details of accident cases.

Unfortunately, many people believe that the most serious injuries sustained following car accidents are immediately noticeable. There is also a misconception that only high speed or hard impact collisions can cause serious damage to person’s body. It has been found that these two beliefs are largely responsible for the vast number of injuries that fail to receive treatment following automobile collisions. Therefore, the first thing to remember when making the decision to seek appropriate care is to understand that a large number of injuries can occur following many different types of collisions.

Following a car accident, a person must keep in mind that many factors such as the placement of a cars headrest, size of both automobiles involved in the collision, and the speed that they were traveling prior at impact all play an important role in determining the injuries sustained. To help understand this concept, it has been shown through research that a car traveling only 5 mph at the time of impact is capable of producing the forces necessary to cause whiplash injuries. While injuries such as fractures, cuts, concussions, and dislocations are immediately noticeable, other forms of damage to musculature, blood vessels, and nerves may not become evident for months or even years. Unfortunately when these injuries become evident months and years down the road, insurance companies are often not held liable for reimbursement. Therefore it is important that you undergo a complete evaluation immediately following your accident by a health care professional familiar with these injuries. Your doctor at L-evated Chiropractic is here to help you in this process.


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